New and Used GPS For Sale

If you are still traveling without a GPS or looking to upgrade your current model, finding a quality used GPS for sale is a high priority. On the used market, you will discover some great values on excellent models because some consumers must have the “latest and greatest” even though the performance of the new one may not be any better. The point is, the market for used GPS for sale if filled with high-quality devices Tom Tom, Garmin, Magellan, Trimble (surveying, agriculture), Lowrance (outdoor, marine), and other top-tier manufacturers.

As you hunt for the right GPS to meet your needs, look for these top features.

  1. Portable enough to carry, large enough to view comfortably. Visibility is an essential element when looking at used GPS for sale. Limit your search to units that are large enough to offer you a good view as you are driving. If reading the display is a challenge, you’ve bought the wrong GPS. Still, you want a unit that is compact enough to store easily in a secure place, or to simply carry with when you hit the trail or hike into the wild. Most models displays from 4.3-5.0 inches, but if you can read one with a 3.5 inch display, you’ll save even more on your purchase of used GPS for sale. Some recent models sport a 7 inch display, and if that’s more comfortable, and you have a place to stow it when you leave the vehicle, that may be a better choice. Know your visual needs and you’ll make a good selection.
  2. Voice recognition for hands-free use. If you are uncomfortable looking away from the road and then reaching over to push the command you want, take a look at quality used GPS for sale that offer voice command capability. You may pay a bit more, but you’ll feel more confident using it, and you may be a whole lot safer. These are popular choices for parents who want their kids to have hands-free functionality.
  3. Integrated cell phone interface for hands-free calling. When you’ve got time on your hands and need to catch up on phone calls, or when you’re running late and can’t find the address you needs, being able to make hands-free calls with your Bluetooth-enabled phone is a very nice feature. You’ll like find out it’s a feature you cannot live without!
  4. Live traffic. If your commute is through heavily congested areas prone to backups and general traffic trouble, look for a used GPS for sale that you can get live traffic data with, so you can avoid the tie-ups and snarls. You’ll save time and frustration on a daily basis!

Used GPS for sale offer a host of other features such as Points of Interest database, media playback, map packages and spoken instructions. Knowing the features you’ll find the most helpful before you peruse used GPS for sale will help you choose one you’ll be very happy with.